This is the best thing I’ve read on the case since, possibly ever!
For the record, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Dem, but I have been appalled at the victim-blaming that has gone on here, and which so-called women’s rights supporters have vehemently opposed, previously — but obviously, only when it suits.
We can’t support some women; we can’t cherry pick who gets tried in the press. And that is all that’s happened so far. There has been no formal questioning; “facts” are being presented or omitted depending on the bias of the writer or news outlet. You can find articles to defend or denounce her, depending on your politics.
And yet all this does is reaffirm society’s belief that only “good” girls can be raped. Anyone with questionable judgment or a slightly dodgy past can’t possibly be raped or assaulted. Because as we all know, men stop to think about these things before commit the offense. (Eyeroll, btw)

One thing I will take issue with though — “There’s still no evidence that she wasn’t raped, only a lack of evidence that she was.” — While this is true, it has always been the case that if you accuse someone of a criminal act, you can’t then expect the accused to come up with the evidence to back your claim. Reade and her supporters are calling for Biden to release his Senate records, which is unprecedented in any situation and which goes against the principle of “Innocent until proven guilty”. She has to prove him guilty.

Author, Columnist, Feminist, Repatriate, UK-US citizen. @ToniHargis

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