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Co-author of “How to Stand up to Sexism; Words for when enough is enough”. OUT NOW! @ToniHargis

Predators love ‘nice’.

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If you’re a woman reading this, chances are you’ve been left speechless by sexism a few times in your life. Make that a few dozen times. From the inappropriate remark to the hand where it shouldn’t be, we often find ourselves giving men the benefit of the doubt.

What if…

I mean, obviously not all men …

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In the past week, I’ve seen discussions on TV and social media that almost made a feminist’s head explode. Okay, so a normal week, but it made me question why I ever try to keep it civil.

“First world problems.”

“We’re way down on the list.”

These are just some…

Why do we continue to ignore them?

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

The man who admits he raped and murdered London resident Sarah Everard was jokingly nicknamed ‘The Rapist” by colleagues, three years before he was hired by the Metropolitan Police.

Wayne Couzens was allegedly given the nickname because he made female employees at the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) feel uncomfortable. It…

It doesn’t matter who she is, men just can’t resist

Courtesy of The Royal Family website

There’s a fascinating video clip doing the rounds at the moment, showing world players at a G7 reception in London in 1991. …

Just think #NotAllWomen

As soon as women talk on social media about what men do to them, the #NotAllMen brigade comes charging in to re-centre men as victims, get the focus back to the ‘good guys’ and distract us from the stark realities. …

Or do women have to do all the heavy-lifting?

It happens every time I’m in a discussion about sexism, be it domestic abuse, cat-calling or the ‘smaller stuff’ like women doing most of the ‘emotional labour’ both at home and at work. …

Because trust me, it hasn’t.

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As we’re learning, the anti-feminist movement is dark and deeply disturbing. Writers such as Laura Bates in Men Who Hate Women, and Vice UK Features Editor Hannah Ewens, describe an alarming increase in young men spewing vile, often incorrect “facts” about feminism and women, fueled by incels on the Internet.

Let’s change the mindset

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Did I provoke him?

I didn’t want to make a fuss.

I was too embarrassed to draw attention to it.

Sound familiar?

In my work over the last three years, it’s clear to me that women often don’t know what to say when faced with sexism, and just as many…

Why We Must All Step Up

Thanks to organizations like Hollaback in the USA and Plan UK and Our Streets Now in the UK, cat-calling (as it’s more commonly known) is receiving a lot of attention right now. According to Plan UK’s research, since June 2020 in the UK, 51%…

Don’t let it fester.

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Some people say you should never look back, but when it comes to standing up to sexism, I disagree. How many times have you experienced a sexist comment or gesture and been too gob-smacked to say anything? …

Toni Hargis

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